Q. What does Δ mean?
A. The delta is calculated as the difference of the last value and the 3hr average. 

Q. So... how do I install this thing?
A. Google around for the general process of how to install an APK using ADB through your computer and a USB cable. You may also need to search for instructions on how to enable debug mode on your Google Glass (required so you can install APKs).

Q. I installed the app and nothing happened...
Q. I restarted my Google Glass and I don't see the BTC ticker card anymore!
A. You need to start the ticker service. Go to the Glass main page and say... "ok glass" -> "bitcoin" -> "card"

Q. How does the app calculate averages?
AThe app talks to a remote server that receives ticker data from Mt Gox. The server then tracks all the data and can produce the statistics from there. This way the app can get accurate data without having to track it continuously. Graphing will work in a similar fashion.

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